• Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Core Values
  • Our Objectives

Our Vision

To promote and sustain the social-economic and political empowerment of the vulnerable communities, with the aim of establishing vibrant and tolerant Kenyan democracy for people to understand their rights and responsibilities and participate actively in all spheres of life

Our Mission

To initiate and support programmes working towards promoting the principles of democracy, human rights and good governance based on best policy practice and in line with Millennium Development Goals


  • Professionalism we shall observe professionalism at all time and in very dealings.
  • Transparency and accountability Power and resources must be used with integrity and responsibility. It is only through accountable governance that human rights can be protected and enjoyed by all. Our own accountability to communities and other allies locally and nationally, including donors, is key to the success of our work.
  • Integrity GCCE members, board and staffs will observe honesty, conduct their affairs and business in an open manner and willingly subject themselves to public scrutiny.
  • Social transformation and justice our resources should be distributed equitably to the benefit of all people. GCCE members, board and staffs must shape the human rights discourse in our policies, strategies and practices to uphold fairness and social justice.
  • Team work – GCCE will augment individual staff skills through team work, based on constructive dialogue and feedback at all times. While encouraging individual expression and uniqueness, GCCE staff will be expected to cooperate and coordinate their efforts to enhance the utilisation of scare resources towards the realisation of project goals.
  • Gender equality – gender sensitivity shall be our priority at all times.


  • To boost the capacity of citizen groups to demand for their rights.
  • Promote good governance, human rights and advocacy among vulnerable groups and ethnic minorities.
  • To facilitate emergence of inclusive and responsive services delivery culture among national and county governments in Kenya.
  • To contribute towards the realization of the effective decentralization of power under devolved government in Kenya.
  • To build GCCE’s internal capacities.

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The Global Centre for Civic Education (GCCE) is a grass root Civil Society Organisation that works to empower the marginalized and vulnerable citizens to claim their rights space in local development and governance processes.

Global Centre for Civic Education

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