Open governance PROGRAMME

Governance and Devolution Programme

Human Rights and Access to Justice

Community Social Audit Programme

Voter and Civic Education Programme


Governace and Devolution Programme

Whose objective is to promote participatory issue-based decision-making processes in the devolved system of Governance at the counties.

Human Rights and Access to Justice Programme

Whose objective is to facilitate vulnerable and marginalized groups and communities to access justice and secure their rights through provisions in the laws.

Community Social Audit Programme

Aimed at promoting social accountability and the management of decentralized funds in the Northern Counties by increase citizen participation in governance and development in general.

Voter and Civic Education Programme

Aimed at ensuring that all constituents—men and women alike—understand their rights, their political system, the contests they are being asked to decide, and how and where to vote. It involves dissemination of information, materials and programmes designed to inform voters about the specifics and mechanics of the voting process for a particular election.


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